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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magntize - a fresh addition to the old resume game

Resume Templates

Resume Help with a Creative Twist

Jan 12, 2010 Karen Masullo

Many web resume and portfolio companies can help job seekers look professional, but one wants to make them look beautiful as well.

Job seekers look for interesting ways to stand out to potential employers, and interactive resumes and web portfolios are a great way to maintain a living, current work archive that is easily accessible.
A new player in this space is...Read the rest of this article at Suite101: Resume Templates: Resume Help with a Creative Twist

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tips for Job Seekers - A Job Search Social Media to-do List

Just published a new article at Suite101: Tips for Job Seekers: A Job Search Social Media to-do List 

 "It's a new year, and for those currently in career transition, these Social Media action items may help start or re-energize the job search."  Read more at Suite101: Tips for Job Seekers: A Job Search Social Media to-do List by Karen Masullo
Also read a GREAT article from Alison's Job Searching Blog By Alison Doyle, Guide to Job Searching on Paying for Job Listings
"Regardless of what you read, it's important to be aware that job seekers don't have to pay to access listings from employer web sites...more)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Willows Marsh Partners with CareerAdvantagePortal!

Willows Marsh is pleased and thrilled to announce a new partnership with the brilliant folks at CareerAdvantagePortal!

CareerAdvantage provides relevant, actionable business information and career campaign management tools to help candidates (from entry level to C-level executives) research potential employers, identify new relationships, and find "hidden" job opportunities.

Willows Marsh Outplacement and Career Transition Partners with CareerAdvantage Portal from Karen Masullo on Vimeo.

Want to research your contacts on LinkedIn? CareerAdvantagePortal is integrated and seamlessly displays your LinkedIn contacts with one click .

Career Advantage Company Search

Additionally, the career portal contains fast, accurate information including in-depth information on millions of companies and key executives, a national recruiter database, hidden job opportunities obtained directly from employer’s web sites.

The future of career search belongs to those professionals who have access to superior business intelligence and know how to use it. CareerAdvantage offers candidates a competitive advantage with access to in-depth company profiles, "hidden" job opportunities comprehensive recruiter databases and online career networking tools.

CareerAdvantage provides candidates and career professionals tools they can use to research companies that may be hiring. Career Advantage contains rich content on millions of business, executive contacts, recruiters, job postings, "hidden" job opportunities, and includes social networking tools and a built in CRM system to track and manage the job search.

Career Advantage Company Search
Comprehensive Company Search
Search millions of potential employers within our Career Portal or research companies before you interview with them.

Career Advantage Job Opportunities 

Hidden Job Opportunities
Receive information and indicators about companies that are expanding, and will be hiring. Many of our "job triggers" indicate new products, signing new custom contracts, hiring senior executives and indicate a need to hire new employees BEFORE they publicly post a job.

Career Advantage Search by companies and executives

Advanced Search by Companies & Executives
Use advanced search to filter out companies and find potential employers that meet your criteria such as industry, size location, title, or even a keyword searches such as “Harvard MBA” or “IBM”.

Job postings from employers

Job Postings from Employers
Find “hidden” job opportunities. CareerAdvantage aggregates job postings directly from employer web sites and updates the listings each day. Many of these job postings are never listed on some of the Job Board web sites such as, or

Career Advantage recruiter search database

Recruiter Search Database
Search for thousands of recruiters around the country.  Our database includes detailed information such as retained recruiters, contingency recruiters, industry specialization and positions (i.e. marketing, C-level, entry level, finance, sales, etc.).

Career Advantage Track Job Opportunities

Manage and Track Job Opportunities
The average candidate researches over two hundred potential employers and may apply to dozens of job opportunities. Career Advantage makes it easy for candidates to track and manage their search online.

Contact us today at or Toll-Free:  866-214-5445 for an Overview of our complete Outplacement and Career Transitions solutions.  Whether you are a Company seeking to provide best of class transition services to your workforce, or an individual wishing to accelerate your job search, Willows Marsh provides affordable, customized solutions.

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